by Marilyn Hill

Olivia Mayfield is the youngest African American woman to hold the position as Executive Manager of Barnes & Rogers Corporation. Being with the company for only three years, she now plans to become Director of the Comptroller Department. She is a Christian. But because of an abusive and traumatic family background, she chose to stray from the Lord, focusing more on her career.

But as she continues to climb the ladder of success, she loses herself and compromises her Christian values. Along the way, she ends up making many bad decisions, ones that eventually lead her to a path she has long forgotten—the path back to the Lord. She is now taken to the purpose that she has really been called to do in her life. But will Olivia recognize it and wake up before she loses everything?

Propelled with drama and insights, Shattered is spiritually enriching tale that will make you realize that some things lost in life are gained for the glory of God.

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